Noorani Qaida Lesson 2, Mixed or Combined Arabic Letters


Noorani Qaida Lesson 2, This lesson will help you to recognize the Arabic letters when they are mixed inside words. If you don’t know the Arabic Alphabets perfectly, do not start studying this lesson. First master yourself by practicing the previous lesson (Noorani Qaida Lesson 1). Once you master the previous lesson, then this lesson will be too easy Insha Allah

This Noorani Qaida lesson 2 will master you to recognize the different Arabic letters within the words when they are mixed either it maybe 2, 3 or more letters together. A letter may come at the beginning of the word, middle of the word or at the end of the word so you need to recognize them how they appear. It is not as simple as English letters. In the English language, you simply write letters when you are making any word.

However, in Arabic language, you have to connect different Arabic letters to make a word. You have to make a physical connection between the letters in order to make a proper Arabic word.

Because of that, you have to cut some letters to attach with other Arabic letters for making a correct Arabic word. In this lesson, you will learn all about i.e. how to cut the letters and joined them together.

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Before starting this lesson, you should have a colored copy of “Noorani Qaida PDF Book” download it.

Read each letter separately but without doing stop. Some letters may have different shapes but that shouldn’t confuse you now because there are certain different shapes that are used throughout Noorani Qaida lesson 2 book. So, you will use too by these shapes.

For example:

The letter الف can come in the following different shapes:

  • ا (alone)
  • Small alif ا (written on any letter).
  • It can come on the top of letter i.e. و as (وا ) or ی as (یا )

Similarly, the letter ء (Hamza), can come in the following shapes:

  • ء (alone).
  • It can come on top of الف as (أ)
  • It can come under الف as (إ)
  • It can come on top of ی as (ئ) ء or on top of و as (ؤ).

After this lesson, you have perfected the recognition and pronunciation of the Arabic letters. You are now ready to learn the various rules related to them, so you can put them together into words and be able to recite Quran.

Now we will start our second lesson. Stretch each letter except الف for a short time duration throughout the lesson.

Noorani Qaida Page 7

Noorani Qaida lesson 2
Noorani Qaida page 7, Noorani Qaida lesson 2

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ا: read it as “الف” (alif).
لا: read it as “ لام الف” (laam alif).

Precaution: Read these letters combined without being stopped. This condition is for all the words throughout the lesson.

Note: لا: read it as “ لام الف” (laam alif) it has many shapes in Quran. So, don’t be confused with shape. Just pronounce it the same as the previous لا.

با: read it as “ ب الف” (baa alif).

The next letters is also same as لا (laam alif).

ل: read it as “ لام” (laam).

The next letter is also same as لا (laam alif).

لح: read it as “ لام ح”(laam Haa).

The next letter is also same as لا (laam alif).

بلب: read it as “ با لام با” (Baa laam baa).
ک ، ك read it as “ کاف” (kaaf).
کب read it as “ کاف با ” )kaaf baa).

Pronounce the next letter same as the above letters . They are same “ کاف با ” )kaaf baa). Only the shape is different.

کا: read it as “ کاف الف” (kaaf alif).

Pronounce the next letter same as the previous letters “ کاف الف” (kaaf alif).

بکت: read it as “ با کاف تا” (baa kaaf taa).
تکث: read it as “ تا کاف ثا” (taa kaaf saa).
ب: read it as “با” (baa).
ت: read it as “ تا ” (taa).
ث: read it as “ ثا” (thaa).
ن: read it as “ نون” (noon).
ی: read it as “ یا” (yaa).
با: read it as “ با الف” (baa alif).
نا: read it as “ نون الف” (noon alif).
تا: read it as “ تا الف” (taa alif)
یا: read it as “ یا الف” (yaa alif).
ثا: read it as “ ثا الف” (thaa alif).
بس: read it as “ با سین” (baa seen).
یس: read it as “ یا سین” (yaa seen).
نس: read it as “ نون سیین” (noon seen).
تس: read it as “تا سین” (taa seen).
ثس: read it as “ ثا سین” (thaa seen).
ثج: read it as “ ثا جیم” (thaa jeem).
تح: read it as “ تا حا” (taa haa).
نخ: read it as “ نون خا” (noon khaa).
یح: read it as “ یا حا” (yaa haa).
بج: read it as “با جیم ” (baa jeem).
یم: read it as “ یا میم” (yaa meem).
بم: read it as “ با میم” (baa meem).
نم: read it as “ نون میم” (noon meem).
تم: read it as “ تا میم” (taa meem).
ثم: read it as “ ثا میم”(thaa meem).
بی: read it as “ با یا ”(baa yaa)۔
یی: read it as “ یا یا” (yaa yaa).
نی: read it as “ نون یا” (noon yaa).
تی: read it as “ تا یا” (taa yaa).
ثی: read it as “ ثا یا” (thaa yaa).
نبل: read it as “ نون با لام” (noon baa laam).
تنل: read it as “ تا نون لام” (taa noon laam).
بیل: read it as “ با یا لام” (baa yaa laam).
یتل: read it as “یا تا لام” (yaa taa laam).
ثثل: read it as “ ثا ثا لام”( thaa thaa laam).
نبن: read it as “ نون با نون” (noon baa noon).

Noorani Qaida Page 8

Noorani Qaida page 8
Noorani Qaida page 8, Noorani Qaida lesson 2

بنن: read it as “ با نون نون” (baa noon noon).

تین: read it as “ تا یا نون” (taa yaa noon).

یتن: read it as “ یا تا نون”(yaa taa noon).

ثثن: read it as “ ثا ثا نون” (thaa thaa noon).

ج: read it as “ جیم” (jeem).

ح: read it as “ حا” (Haa).

خ: read it as “ خا” (khaa).

حث: read it as “ حا ثا” (haa thaa).

خب: read it as “ خا با” (khaa baa).

جت: read it as “ جیم تا”(jeem taa).

تحت: read it as “ تا حا تا” (taa haa taa).

یجب: read it as “ یا جیم با” (yaa jeem baa).

بخت: read it as “ با خا تا” (baa khaa taa).

ۃ: read it as “ تا” (taa).

ہ: read it as “ ھا” (haa).

بة: read it as “ با تا ” ( baa taa).

يه: read it as “ یا ھا” (yaa haa).

ته: read it as “ تا ھا” ( taa haa).

نة: read it as “ نون تا” (noon taa).

ھ: read it as “ ھا” (haa).

یھب: read it as “ یا ھا با” (yaa haa baa).

بھا: read it as “ با ھا الف” (baa haa alif).

بھم: read it as “ باھا میم” (baa haa meem).

د: read it as “ دال” (daal).

ذ: read it as “ ذال” (thaal).

جد: read it as “ جیم دال ” (jeem daal).

خذ: read it as “خا ذال” (khaa thaal).

ر: read it as “ را” (raa)

ز: read it as “ زا” (zaa).

یر: read it as “ یا را” (yaa raa).

تز: read it as “تا زا” (taa zaa).

س: read it as “ سین” (Seen).

ش: read it as “شین” (Sheen).

سل: read it as “ سین لام” (seen laam).

شل: read it as “ شین لام” (sheen laam).

ص: read it as “صاد” (saad).

ض: read it as “ضاد” (daad).

ط: read it as “ طا” (taa).

ظ: read it as “ ظا” (zaa).

صب: read it as “ صاد با” (saad baa).

طب: read it as “ طا با” (taa baa).

ضا: read it as “ ضاد الف” (daad alif).

ظا: read it as “ ظا الف” (zaa alif).

ع: read it as “ عین” (ayeen).

غ: read it as “غین” (ghayeen).

ء: read it as “ھمزہ” (hamza).

عز: read it as “ عین زا” (ayeen zaa).

غر: read it as “ غین را” (ghayeen raa).

صع: read it as “ صاد عین” (saad ayeen).

ضغ: read it as “ ضاد غين” (daad ghyeen).

بعد: read it as “ با عین دال” (baa ayeen daal).

تغذ: read it as “ تا غین ذال” (taa ghayeen zaal).

أ ، ؤ ، ئ: read it as “ ھمزہ” (hamza).

It is describing only the different positions of the letter ء.

ف: read it as “ فا” (faa).

Noorani Qaida Page 9

Noorani Qaida page 9
Noorani Qaida page 9, Noorani Qaida lesson 2

ق: read it as “ قاف” (qaaf).

و: read it as “واو” (waao).

قو: read it as “قاف واو” (qaaf waao).

فو: read it as “ فا واو” (faa waao).

فقل: read it as “ فا قاف لام” (faa qaaf laam).

قفل: read it as “ قاف فا لام” (qaaf faa laam).

یف: read it as “ یا فا ” (yaa faa).

م: read it as “ میم” (meem).

حم: read it as “ حا میم” (haa meem).

لم: read it as “لام میم” (laam meem).

تم: read it as “تا میم” (taa meem).

تمت: read it as “ تا میم تا” (taa meem taa).

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