Noorani Qaida Lesson 3 – Separately Recited Letters

Separately Recited Letters

Noorani Qaida lesson 3: These letters are the special letters that appear at the beginning of some Surahs of the Noble Quran. As the name of this lesson tells that these letters will be read out as separate letters but there are certain rules that applied to them while pronouncing. This lesson is the extension of Noorani Qaida lesson 16. Before going to read this lesson if you have not practiced the noon and meem rules then this lesson will be very difficult for you. In the previous lesson (Noorani Qaida lesson 2), we have covered the meem rules and noon rules. So, you need to perfect these rules because these rules will appear in this lesson.

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In this lesson, you will see

  • Madd Lazim
  • Rules of noon and meem


Noorani Qaida page 9 lesson 3
Noorani Qaida page 9 lesson 3

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الم: read it as “alif laaaam’meeeem”

Remember that we have studied that if after ا ، و ، ی

  • A letter hamzah comes we stretch it up to 4 harakats.
  • If a sukoon comes then we stretch it up to 6 harakats.

In this word, we have ا, لام and م. Here is the same thing, in the letter لام we have alif and then meem sukoon. So, this lam will be stretched up to 6 harakats. And the same rule is for the letter میم. Here, after the letter ی we have م which is saakin. So, it will also be stretched up to 6 harakats.

Another point is that we have two consecutive meem here. One is in لام and the other is in میم so remember also the rules of meem. The first meem will be merged into the second meem making ghunnah on it.

المص: read it as “alif laaaam’meeeem Saaaad’d”

Here, after the meem, we have a letter ص it means that we have to show the meem before it. And in the letter صاد we have alif and sukoon letter. So, the letter ص will also be stretched up to 6 harakats.

الر: read it as “alif laaaam raa”
المر: read it as “alif laaaam’meeeem raa”
كهيعص: read it as “kaaaaf Haa yaa ayeeeen’nSaaaad”

Here in the letter عین there appears a noon so noon rules will be applied here. After this noon we have صاد which is a heavy letter. So, make a hiding ghunnah will joining the letter عین and صاد

طه: read it as “TaaHaa”
طسم: read it as “Taa seeeem’meeeem”

Here in the letter سین there is a noon. So, don’t forget to apply the noon rules here. After, noon there is a meem from یرملون . Hence, noon will be merged into meem making ghunnah also.

طس: read it as “Taa seeeen”
يس: read it as “yaa seeeen”
ص: read it as “Saaaad’d”
حم: read it as “haa meeeem”
حم عسق: read it as “haa meeeem ayeeeen’nseeeen’nqaaaaf”
ق: read it as “qaaaaf”
ن: read it as “noooon”

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