Noorani Qaida lesson 16 – MADD LAZIM


Noorani Qaida lesson 16: We will learn about Madd Lazim. This madd is one the obligatory madds and this is the longest madd in the Noble Quran. It is of 6 harakats.

In order to understand this madd you need to understand the types of madd we have covered before.

Fore example,

مَ: it is 1 harakah.

مَا: it is 2 harakats.

مَاء: it is 4 harakats.

Now Whenever the letters of Madd (ا ، و ، ی) are followed by a sukoon or shaddah, then they are stretched to six harakats.

Note: a shaddah letter is TWO letters, wherein the first carrying a sukoon and the second carrying harakah/ Tanween.

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Norani Qaida lesson 16

Noorani Qaida page 26

Noorani Qaida lesson 16 page 26
Noorani Qaida page 26 lesson 16
Let’s start the lesson:

ضَآلّاً: read it as “Zad fathah alif madd lam shaddah Zaaaall, lam fathahtain lan, Zaaaall’lan”.

دَآبَّةٍ: read it as “dal fathah alif madd ba shaddah daaaabb, ba fathah ba, daaaab’bba, ta kasratain tin, daaaab’bbatin”.

حَآجَّكَ: read it as “ha fathah alif madd jeem shaddah haaaaj’j, jeem fathah ja, haaaaj’jja, kaf fathah ka, haaaaj’jjaka”.

حَآجُّوكَ: read it as “ha fathah alif madd jeem shaddah haaaaj’j, jeem dammah waao juu, haaaaj’jjuu, kaf fathah ka.haaaaj’jjuuka”

لَضَآلُّونَ: read it as “lam fathah la, Zad fathah alif madd lam shaddah Zaaaall, laZaaaall, lam dammah waao luu, laZaaaall’luu, noon fathah na, laZaaaall’luuna”

وَلَااؐلضَّٓآلّيِنَ: read it as “waao fathah wa, lam fathah Zad shaddah laZZ, walaZZ, Zad fathah alif madd lam shaddah Zaaaall, walaZZ’Zaaaall, lam kasrah ya lee, walaZZ’Zaaaall’lee, noon fathah na, walaZZ’Zaaaall’leena”

أَتُحَآجُّوٓنّيِ: read it as “hamzah fathah a’a, ta dammah tu, a’atu, ha fathah alif madd jeem shaddah haaaaj’j, a’atu haaaaj’j, jeem dammah waao madd noon shaddah juuuunn, a’atu haaaaj’jjuuuunn, noon kasrah ya nee, a’atu haaaaj’jjuuuunn’nee”

وّلَاتَحَـٰٓضُّونَ: read it as “waao fathah wa, lam fatha alif laa, walaa, ta fathah ta, walaata, ha fathah alif madd Zad shaddah haaaaZZ, walaatahaaaaZZ, Zad dammah waao zuu, walaatahaaaaZZ’Zuu, noon fathah na, walaatahaaaaZZ’Zuuna”

وَاؐلصَّـٰٓفَّـٰتِ: read it as “waao fathah Sad waSS, Sad fathah alif madd fa shaddah Saaaaff, waSS’Saaaaff, fa fathah alif faa, waSS’Saaaaff’faa, ta kasrah ti, waSS’Saaaaff’faati”

جَآءَتِ اؐلصَّآخَّةُ: read it as “jeem fathah alif madd jaaa, hamzah fathah a’a, jaaa’a, ta kasrah Sad shaddah tiSS, jaaa’atiSS, Sad fathah alif madd kha shaddah Saaaakh, jaaa’atiSS’Saaaakh, kha fathah kha, jaaaa’atiSS’Saaakh’kha, ta dammah tu, jaaaa’atiSS’Saaakh’khatu”

فَإِذَاجَآءَتِ اؐلطَّآمَّةُ اؐلۡكُبۡرَيٰ: read it as “fa fathah fa, hamzah kasrah e’e, fae’e, zal fathah alif zaa, fae’ezaa, jeem fathah alif madd jaaa, fae’ezajaaa, hamzah fathah a’a, fae’ezaajaaa’a, ta kasrah Ta shaddah tiTT, fae’ezajaaaatiTT, Ta fathah alif madd meem shaddah Taaaamm, fae’ezajaaaatiTT’Taaaamm, ma fathah ma, fae’ezajaaaatiTT’Taaaamm’ma, ta dammah lam tul, fae’ezajaaaatiTT’Taaaamm’matul, kaf dammah ba kub’b, fae’ezajaaaatiTT’Taaaamm’matulkub’b, ra fathah alif raa, fae’ezajaaaatiTT’Taaaamm’matulkub’braa”

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Noorani Qaidah lesson 16

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