Noorani Qaida Lesson 14 – Exercises


Noorani Qaida Lesson 14 – Exercises: This lesson is basically exercise on shaddah and sukoon continuing from the last lesson.

Noorani Qaida lesson 14 

Noorani Qaida page 25

Noorani Qaida lesson 14 page 25
Noorani Qaida page 25 lesson 14

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Let’s start the lesson:

مَرُّوا : read it as “meem fathah ra shaddah marr, ra dammah waao ruu, marr’ruu”.

رَبِّي : read it as “ra fathah ba shaddah rabb, ba kasrah ya bee, rabb’bee”.

مُدَّتۡ : read it as “meem dammah dal shaddah mudd, dal fathah ta dat, mudd’dat”.

حُقَّتۡ : read it as “ha dammah qaf shaddah huqq, qaf fathah ta qat, huq’qqat”.

خَفَّتۡتَ : read it as “kha fathah fa shaddah khaff, fa fathah ta fat, khaff’fat”.

تَبَّتۡ : read it as “ta fathah ba shaddah tabb, ba fathah ta bat, tabb’bat”.

تَخَلَّتۡ : read it as “ta fathah ta, kha fathah lam shaddah khal, takhall, lam fathah ta laat, takhall’lat”.

قَدَّمۡتُ : read it as “qaf fathah dal shaddah qad, dal fathah meem dam, qaddam, ta dammah tu, qadd’damtu”.

وَاؐلصُّبۡحِ : read it as “waao fathah Sad shaddah waSS, Sad dammah ba Sub, waSSSub, ha kasrah hi, waSSSubhi”.

وَاؐلشَّمۡسِ : read it as “waao fathah sheen shaddah wash, sheen fatah meem sham, washam, seen kasrah si, washamsi”.

وَاؐلشَّفۡعِ : read it as “waao fathah sheen shaddah wash, sheem fathah fa shaf, washshaf, ayeen kasrah e’e, washshafe’e”.

بِالصَّبۡرِ : read it as “ba kasrah Sad shaddah biSS, Sad fathah ba Sab’b, biSS’Sab’b, ra kasrah ri, biSS’Sab’bri”.

وَاؐلصَّيۡفِ : read it as “waao fathah Saad shaddah waSS, Sad fathah ya Saie, waSS’Saie, fa kasrah fi, waSS’Saiefi”.

وَاؐلَّيۡلِ : read it as “waao fathah lam shaddah wall, lam fathah ya laie, wall’laie, lam kasrah li, wall’laieli”.

وَاؐلتِّينِ : read it as “waao fathah ta shaddah watt, ta kasrah ya tee, watt’tee, noon kasrah ni, watt’teeni”.

وَاۡلزَّيۡتُونِ : read it as “waao fathah za shaddah wazz, za fathah ya zaie, wazzzaie, ta dammah waao tuu, wazzaietuu, noon kasrah ni,wazzzaietuuni”.

سِجِّيلٍ : read it as “seen kasrah jeem shaddah sijj, jeem kasrah ya jee, sijj’jee, lam kasratain lin, sijj’jeelin”.

سِجِّينٌ : read it as “seen kasrah jeem shaddah sijj, jeem kasrah ya jee, sijj’jee, noon dammatain nun, sijj’jeenun”.

مُنۡفَكِّينَ : read it as “meem dammah noon mun, fa fathah kaf shaddah fakk, munfakk, kaf kasrah ya kee, munfakk’kee, noon fathah na, munfakk’keena”.

فَإِنَّ اؐلۡجَنَّةَ : read it as “fathah fa, hamzah kasrah noon shaddah inn, fainn, noon fathah lam nal, fainnal, jeem fathah noon shaddah jann, fainn’naljann, noon fathah na, fainn’naljann’na, ta fathah ta, fainn’naljann’nata”.

لِحُبِّ اؐلۡخَيۡرِ : read it as “lam kasrah li, ha dammah ba shaddah hubb, lihubb, ba kasrah lam bil, lihubb’bil, kha fathah ya khaie, lihubb’bilkhaie, ra kasrah ri, lihubb’bilkhaieri”.

إِذَااؐلسَّمَآءُ اؐنۡشَقَّتۡ : read it as “hamzah kasrah e, zal fathha seen shaddah zass, ezass, seen fathah sa, ezass’sa, meem fathah alif maa, ezass’samaaaa, hamzah dammah noon unn, ezass’samaaaaunn, sheen fathha qaaf shaddah saqq, ezass’samaaaaunnshaqq, taf fathah ta qat, ezass’samaaaaunnshaqq’qt”.

مَااؐلطَّارِقُ اؐلنَّجۡمُ اؐلثَّاقِبُ : read it as “meem fathah Ta shaddah maTT, Ta fathah alif Taa, maTT’Taa, ra kasrah ri, maTT’Taari, qaf dammah noon shaddah qunn, maTT’Taariqunn, noon fathah jeem naj’j, maTT’Taariqunn’naj’j, meem dammah sa shaddah muss, maTT’Taariqunn’naj’jmuss, sa fathah alif saa, maTT’Taariqunn’naj’jmuss’saa, qaf kasrah qi, maTT’Taariqunn’naj’jmuss’saaqi, ba dammah bu, maTT’Taariqunn’naj’jmuss’saaqibu”.

مِنۡ شَرِّاؐلۡوَسۡوَاسِ اؐلۡخَنَّاسِ : read it as “meem kasrah noon min, sheen fathah ra shaddah sharr, minsharr, ra kasrah lam ril, minsharr’ril, waao fathah seen was, minsharr’rilwas, waao fathah alif waa, minsharr’rilwaswaa, seen kasrah lam sil, minsharr’rilwaswaasil, kha fathah noon shaddah khann, minsharr’rilwaswaasilkhann, noon fathah alif naa, minsharr’rilwaswaasilkhann’naa, seen kasrah si, minsharr’rilwaswaasilkhann’naasi”.

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Noorani Qaida lesson 14

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