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Noorani Qaida course

Noorani Qaida is the easiest and fastest way for learning reading quran. it begins with learning the individual Arabic alphabet letters. Then, learning the vowels (Fatha, Khasra and Dhamma). After that, students learn Sukoon and Shadda to practice the correct pronunciation of each letter. it is distinguished by practical exercises words from the Noble Quran, enable students during a short time to read quran correctly with applying tajweed rules. Book Trial Now

Quran Recitation Course

After students finishing learning Noorani Qaida program, they can start learn Quran online by reading from Mushaf with Uthmani Font (the font used in writing the Holy Quran) to complete a full khatma (Ijazah) with his/her teacher this is the Quran Reading Course. Student will practice reading quran a lot, to ensure he/she has mastered reciting quran and be confident to read alone! Book Trial Now

Quran Hifz course

To ascend in Ranks in Paradise with each verse we memorize; “Quran Sheikh” (Learn Quran Online Institute) Best online quran website provides a plan for memorizing and revising quran. The memorization plan (Hifz program) is suitable for all students with different ages, education and their available time through private (one to one) with Best male & female Arab teachers.
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Quran Tajweed course

Learn Quran online with Quran Tajweed depends on explaining the rules of Tajweed theoretically and applying them in a practical and easy way. Student learns names of Tajweed Rules like: Izhar. Ikhfaa, Idgham.. and others. In addition, student learns the articulation point of the Arabic letters and their characteristics, so as to master Quran Reading as it was revealed to prophet Muhammed (PBUH). Book Trial Now

Online Ijazah course

For achieving the highest level of reciting quran perfectly. Student will recite all the Holy Quran to his/her teacher from memory and getting an official ijazah certificateijazah online” with “Sanad” for teaching quran with Tajweed Rules. Also, Quran Sheikh provides a “Ijazah in Quran Recitation” for those who can’t memorize all the Holy Quran.
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Islamic Studies Course

All what you need to know about Islam: a set of Islamic lessons presented in an easy and practical way on Aqeeda, Feqh, Sunna of prophet Muhammed (PBUH). In addition to, special lessons about practical Islamic behavior such as: honoring parents, respecting older persons, visiting patients, …
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