How To Read & Memorize the Quran Fast and Easy | 2023 Guide

How To Read & Memorize the Quran fluently & easily

         There are various techniques for improving memory. However, there is some biological and psychological limit that is unique to everyone.

Because you state you have a lot of problems memorizing, we think you have previously investigated tactics and are asking this question as a final effort to find a solution.

It is simpler to memorize while you are younger, and it becomes increasingly difficult as you become older.

Another intriguing strategy is to comprehend the meaning of each verse so that you do not get the order wrong when reciting. Then, as many times as you want, repeat the poem until it becomes ingrained in your mind.

Memorizing the Qur’an has advantages. That means you are memorizing one Juz a day. You are either a savant or a living miracle that needs to be documented. Or you are simply reviewing the Quran.

Read over the text, assuming one can fluently read Arabic, about 20 to 60 hours.

Read over the text, with some struggles and trying to understand the meaning (assuming a translation is available, or one knows basic Arabic), about 200 to 400 hours.

Read over the text, then jump back to cross reference when some remarkably similar verses have very slight differences that is meaningful, a few months of research.

Read over the text, then study commentaries on certain verses that seem interesting, a couple of years.

Read over the text, understand the basic meaning, live your life a little, then realize how it correlates to a lot of what you have read, then go back and read that again just to discover some deeper meaning, a lifetime.

If you do not commit sins, lowering the gaze and etc, it would be easy for someone to memorize or even learn anything now not to talk about the Quran.

Just think about it, the eyes they look at the Quran are the same eyes they use to look at porn.

The same ears they use to listen to Quran is the same ears they listen to music with.

The same mouth they use to recite the beautiful verses of the Quran is the same mouth they backbite and slander with.

Avoiding sins is a ticket that will Inshallah make it less stressful to memorize the Quran.

Straight forward. Without revision, there is no memorization.

Everyone has a different technique when learning, try and see what fits you most.

Only Allah and no one else can make it easy for you so pray to him.

All these recommendations were from the experiences, and everyone has different techniques.

How To Read & memorize the Quran Fast and Easy
How To Read and memorize the Quran Fast and Easy online

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How to Memorize the Quran Fast?

Memorizing the Qur’an is a great achievement for any Muslim if his intention is pure for the sake of Allah and not to please other people or to show off.

How to Memorize the Quran Fast?
How to Memorize the Quran Fast?

So here are a few steps that are considered especially important to memorize the Qur’an:

  1. Make the intention in your heart and only to please Allah and no one Else! Make it the number 1 goal in your life. If it is not your most important goal, you will postpone memorizing and do other things that seem more important to you.
  2. Go to a known Scholar of Qur’an and be sure that he is a Hafiz and has a Sanad, make a schedule with him to recite the memorized pages until you have memorized the whole Qur’an. This way he corrects your reading and will teach you Tajweed. He will also help you during your journey, to book free trial with the qualified Arab sheikh click here.
  3. Get away from sins, remember sinning will be the reason you are far from Allah and by avoiding sins, you are closer to Allah. This will improve your memorizing and will help you stay in track for your journey.
  4. Learn how to memorize, there are many ways you could memorize but repetition is the best. Take one line in any page of the Qur’an repeat it ten times now cover it and repeat it! Is it correct? If it is, then repeat it ten more times. Make a schedule and obey it! Your schedule could be like this: Morning 30min-60min = Memorize 1–2 pages; Night 30min-60min = review the memorized morning pages.
  5. Set goals and reach them! Put a goal for every month, Example: every month if you want to memorize thirty pages, do your work, and memorize and reach the end of the month with thirty pages memorized. At this rate you can memorize the Quran in around 20 months that is around 1 year and 8 months.
  6. Ask Allah to help you reach your goal, there is nothing better than Allah making your way easier to something that will be beneficial for you in this life and the hereafter.
  7. Remember these steps will help you if you are sincere and your intention is for Allah only. And a reminder it is always good to learn the stories in the Qur’an to improve your memorization and to make you a better person overall.
  8. The Quran is not about speed. It is not about competition. It is not about any of that. This is ego. May Allah protect us from such.
  9. We should not read the Quran with a mindset of a Kafir or Munafiq. Because that is how they are, constantly competing who is better than who.
  10. Say you rush through the Quran, and you understand nothing. Instead, be patient, read the Quran in a dose that is appropriate for you.
  11. If you learned Arabic, you would know Quran’s meaning. It is recommended doing both at the same time. Every day chose one verse and learn the words plus try to memorize it in Arabic and look up to meaning at the end of the month you will learn how to say a lot of words in Arabic with meaning. Quran was revealed in poetic manner thus its verses are rhyming and hence easy to remember.
  12. If you want to memorise without understanding the messages, then it may not guide you based on what the content of it. But if your purpose is to understand and memorise, then it will be extremely beneficial as you will be able to tell from memory when a guidance is needed on something.
  13. The process will not be quick but not that difficult, start with beginning and try remembering five verses in each trial, repeat-repeat-repeat and repeat previously memorised verses.
  14. If possible, write down each time you memorise as that is a good process to remember.
  15. You can listen to recitations of famous reciters like Minshawi or Abdulbasit and so on before you start memorizing. It helps you to memorize well. Repeat what you have memorized every day till ten days. After memorizing it is better to listen to audios of famous recitations and while you are at it, try to start reciting by your heart before the reciter starts.
  16. The last but not the least, try starting three lines a day after you have memorized thirtieth chapter, go on memorizing chapter one to twenty-nine, if you want to memorize whole of the Quran otherwise you can start with important Surahs like Yasin, Arrahman, Waqia and last chapters to recite them in your prayer.
  17. Distractions are one of the biggest hardships when memorizing the Quran. How hard is it to concentrate when your phone keeps going off when you have notifications for the social media. How hard is it to concentrate when the area you are trying to memorize in is not tidy. Removing distractions will save you lots of hardship while memorizing the Quran Inshallah.

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How To Read the Quran Fast and Easy?

How To Read the Quran Fast and Easy?
How To Read the Quran Fast and Easy
  • First, make a strong decision and pure your goal and motivation for almighty Allah.
  • Ask Almighty Allah and Fourteen Immaculate (peace be upon them) to help you.
  • Make a specific time during the day for your daily memorizing and try to carry out your plan.
  • Choose a suitable Moshaf (Quran) mean with a certain writing (the Osman Taha is suitable) and good color (not bright colors). this point will help your memory to take a picture from Quranic text.
  • At the beginning, choose short verses and chapters (Surahs) for memorizing, because they are easier to memorize. For example, start from thirty part. Regarding the long verses, they should divide into small parts and repeat and repeat to memorized.
  • Choose a partner to review read whatever you memorized. in this case you read one verse or page and your partner will listens to your reading, so he reads, and you listen.
  • Before starting to your daily memorizing, read the translation of that part, it can improve your memorizing.
  • Listening to Tartil can make your reading better and will cause your enjoyment from the Quran and you are reciting.
  • Do not forget, discipline is most crucial factor for each program especially for the holy Quran memorizing.
  • You should pay attention to several points: Write down the verses you memorize. Memorize the Quranic verses orderly and not sporadically. Do not save some verses, stop it for many days, and then start again. It does not help you to memorize the Holy Quran in an appropriate manner.
  • Have a partner, share your information with him or her. If you recite what you have in your mind to others, it can help you to stabilize the Quranic verses. You should do this for every page of the Qur’an. Keep at it, and you will become better and better.
  • As with anything else, the more you give it, the better it will become. The second thing to remember is that you should not memorise more than a specific quantity in order not to overwork yourself.
  • You should not memorize more than one-eighth of a chapter every day. There are some ways to improve the ability to memorize. But still there is an organic and psychological limit which is individually different.
  • Since you say, you have big trouble with memorizing, we assume you already looked up for techniques and ask this question as a final hope for a solution.
  • When you are younger it is easier to memorize, and it keeps getting hard to memorise with ae.
  • Another interesting method is to understand the meaning of each verse, because in that way you will not get the sequence wrong when reciting because you know the order.
  • Then repeat the verse as many times as you would like until it sticks to your head. Memorizing Qur’an does have its benefits. Obviously, over time memorization comes a little easier than before memorizing Qur’an.
  • Additionally, it helps you become more determined and more focused.

Memorizing Qur’an is not an easy thing, you must be determined to make it happen and your perseverance strengthens that determination.

Also, while memorizing it is easy to get distracted and keeping at it helps you become more focused.

All these benefits can help you with anything you can do in life.

How To Read the Quran Fast and Easy
How To Read the Quran Fast and Easy

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          Memorizing the Quran is considered a great achievement for Muslims if their intention is pure and for the sake of Allah.

The following are steps considered important in memorizing the Quran:

  • Making the intention to please Allah only.
  • Making it a top goal in life
  • Seeking guidance from a known scholar who is a Hafiz and has a Sanad
  • Making a schedule to recite the memorized pages
  • Avoiding sins
  • Learning how to memorize using repetition
  • Setting goals and reaching them
  • Asking Allah for help
  • Learning the stories in the Quran to improve memorization and overall personal growth.
  • It is important to remember that the Quran is not about speed or competition, but about understanding and internalizing the messages.
  • It is recommended to learn Arabic and understand the meanings of the verses while memorizing.
  • The process of memorization may not be quick, but it can be done by starting with small goals
  • Repeating, and reviewing, and listening to recitations of famous reciters.
  • It is important to remember that the goal is to understand and internalize the messages of the Quran, not just memorize it.
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