104 Surat Al Humazah الهمزة, Surah Humazah, Best English translation

سورة الهمزة
Surat Al Humazah, surah humazah
The Gossipmonger

  • Classification Meccan
  • Other names The Traducer, The Slanderer, The Backbiter
  • Position Juzʼ 30
  • No. of verses 9
surat al humazah, surah humazah
surat al humazah, surah humazah


surat al humazah (Arabic: سورة الهمزة‎, “The Traducer, The Gossipmonger”) is the 104th sura of the Qur’an, with 9 ayat. The Surah takes its name from the word humazah occurring in the first verse. The Main statement in this Surah [Humazah] is the Consequences of man in loss.

It condemns those who slander others, whether by speech or action, and imagine that their own wealth will keep them immune from death, and describes the doom of Hell which awaits them.

Surat Al Humazah Transliteration:

  1. Wai lul-li kulli hu mazatil-lumaza
  2. Al-lazi jama’a maalaw wa’addadah
  3. Yahsabu anna maalahu akhladah
  4. Kalla layum ba zanna fil hutamah
  5. Wa maa adraaka mal-hutamah
  6. Narul laahil-mooqada
  7. Al latee tat tali’u ‘alalafidah
  8. Innaha ‘alaihim moosada
  9. Fee ‘amadim-mu mad dadah
surah humazah translation
surah humazah translation

Surat Al Humazah Translation – Sahih International:

  1. Woe to every scorner and mocker
  2. Who collects wealth and [continuously] counts it.
  3. He thinks that his wealth will make him immortal.
  4. No! He will surely be thrown into the Crusher.
  5. And what can make you know what is the Crusher?
  6. It is the fire of Allah, [eternally] fueled,
  7. Which mounts directed at the hearts.
  8. Indeed, Hellfire will be closed down upon them
  9. In extended columns.

Name of Surah Al Humazah

The Surah takes its name from the word humazah occurring in the first verse.

Surat Al Humazah
Surat Al Humazah

Simple Explanation of Surat Al Humazah :

1- In this ayah, Allah is saying Woe to those who slander others and backbite. This can include people who repeatedly find faults with others, either verbally or physically.

2- This ayah continuing on the first ayah, further refers to those who hoard their wealth and make a habit of counting it.

3- The third ayah refers to two categories of people. The first one includes those who think that their wealth will extend their time in this worldly home. The second one includes those who think their wealth can make them immortal. Whatever the case, the meaning is clear: such people are so engrossed in their worldly wealth that they forget all about their inevitable death.

4- “Nabadh” means to dispose of a worthless thing — such slanderers and greedy people will be treated as worthless on the Day of Judgement, because all they cared about was their wealth and mocked others for lack of it.

5- Allah questions us about the Fire of Hell.

6- Here, the Hellfire is called Allah’s Fire for the first time in the Quran. This is to signify His contempt for those who hoard wealth and slander others, and how they cannot escape His Fire with their wealth.

7- The heart, which is the centre of human life, will be overtaken by the Fire on account of the person’s greed and immoral ways.

8- The Hellfire will be closed upon them, with no opening whatsoever.

9- This ayah can have several meanings: (1) the gates of Hellfire are closed, with immense columns put on top of them, or (2) the people of Hellfire will be tied to columns, or (3) the flames shall be rising like tall columns.

Surat Al Humazah tells us not to indulge in backbiting, nor slander others. Furthermore, we must not be proud of our material possessions and wealth, especially because the money earned in this world will not help us purchase anything in the Hereafter, if we use it for our greed and dishonest ways.

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