Best Tajweed Course Lesson 4, Hamza, Taa’ MarboTa and Alif Maqsoorah

Hamza, Taa’ MarboTa and Alif Maqsoorah

In this lesson we will cover:

  • What is meant by Hamza, Taa’ MarboTa and alif Maqsoorah?
  • How they are written?

We will cover these letters in more detail in later lessons.


It is written as     ء.

It is written in various forms:

  • Written on its own.
  • Seated on the top of Alif as     أ.
  • Seated underneath an Alif as    إ
  • Seated on a letter yaa as    ئ.
  • Seated on a letter waaw as   ؤ .

These letters are called as Hamza.

Another form of the letter hamzah you may see is the combination of lam and hamza seated on alif as لأ and another combination of lam and hamza seated underneath of an alif as لإ.

ٱ      :   this letter is called hamza tul wasl. The sign on the top of alif which is a small loop and is called Wasla. Still, this is a type of Hamza.

ئـ  :this is a hamzah on the top of a joined-up curve. This is also a type of hamza.

Taa’ MarboTa:

It is written as “ة” which looks like the little circle of letter haa’ with two dots. And the reason for writing this is that because sometimes the Taa’ MarboTa behaves like the normal Taa’ (i.e. ت) that we saw in the alphabets before this lesson. The normal Taa’ in the alphabets is known as Taa’ MafTooha. The Taa MarboTa can also sometimes behave like this ٥ which is a normal haa’ as we saw it in the alphabets.

Hence due to these reasons, this Taa’ MarboTa is written in this form.

Alif Maqsoorah:

It is written as ی and you can see that it is like the same as the letter yaa’. However, it is an alif painted or drawn as the letter yaa’. So, this alif which acts as a long vowel is simply redrawn as a yaa’ which is a shape of yaa’ but it is known as alif Maqsoorah and it also acts as a long vowel in the same way as alif does.


Now you have learned that what is Hamza, Taa’ MarboTa and Alif Maqsoorah.



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