Best Tajweed Course Lesson 2 – What is Uthmaani and Majeedi Quran Script?

What we will learn and How we will learn it

In this lesson we will cover:

  • What exactly we are going to achieve through this course.
  • How we will learn elementary Tajweed.
  • An example of the Majeedi and Uthmaani scripts.

What we will achieve?

These are the major goals you will achieve if you complete this course:

  • You will learn to read and recite the Noble Quran.
  • You will learn all the technical terminologies of elementary Tajweed.
  • You will be able to read a color coded Uthmaani Tajweed Quran and understand all the markings and colors.
  • You will be able to recite Surah Mulk correctly and be able to explain all the Tajweed rules in this surah.
  • You will also understand the differences between the Uthmaani script and the Majeedi script.

As we are going through learning new things within the Tajweed either rules or symbols or markings, we will compare these symbols and markings between the Two Uthmaani and Majeedi script so that you can recognize the differences between them.

How will we learn?

Our lessons are designed to take you step by step through the course and you must do them in order. We have tried and tested our method face to face with adults who could no read at all or who recited wrongly without any real understanding and have found fruitful results.

You should not try to go onto the next lesson until you have fully understood the previous lesson. This is very important because there be certain rules that we will mention in one lesson and then in the subsequent lessons we will presume that you know these things. So, if you get impatient and start to miss lessons then you are obviously going to struggle in the lessons further on. So, even if you think you know a topic according to a lesson title then just go through the lesson very quickly to make sure you have not missed anything .

What is Uthmaani and Majeedi Scripts?

The Uthmaani script is generally used by Arabs and Muslims who have a good understanding of Tajweed rules.
The Majeedi script (also known as Indo-Pak script) is designed to be used by those who don not know all the Tajweed rules. Someone who has learned to read the Majeedi script will not be able to read all the Uthmaani script.

Many Muslims do not realize these two different scripts. Most of the people from Asian subcontinent use Majeedi scripts. Generally, the Arabs and Turkish use the Uthmaani script and in simple terms the Uthmaani script requires you to know Tajweed rules whereas the Majeedi script has been slightly altered from the Uthmaani type of script.

And obviously, we are not talking about the actual words of the Noble Quran because we know that we canโ€™t change the words. But some of the markings that help you to pronounce it correctly have been changed and the reason they have done it in the Majeedi script is, so you donโ€™t have to necessarily know the Tajweed rules.

The only problem you may face is if you have learned from the Majeedi script then normally you would not be able to pick up the Uthmaani script and sometimes you canโ€™t read it properly because there is a lot of symbols and markings that you would not understand or there could be markings left out that you rely on in the Majeedi script.


  • You should now have an idea of how we will approach learning elementary Tajweed.
  • You now know that the Majeedi and Uthmaani scripts can be quite different and that it is better to learn elementary Tajweed so you can read either script.
  • So, once you have done this course it does not matter which one you will pick up which script you will be able to read it and you will know why you are reading it the way you are reading it.
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